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Welcome, this is a free narrative and writing hub discussing resources, tools, and formats✍️🕹️ ❤️

I am pulling and citing resources, advice, and tips from places like IGDA Writing and Gamasutra

Learn more about the community center moderator and host, Zachary Fried

(✨There is a heavy focus on entry-level writers with or without a degree✨)

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Below you will find the following categories: 

1. Tools and Resources

(Everything you need to prepare writing samples, portfolio submissions, and pitches to video game employers.)

 2. Looking for Work

(A directory for job opportunities, employer postings, and advice for getting your foot in the door of studios, literary agencies, and companies.)

 3. Narrative Jams

(Narrative Jam is a three-day-long writing jam (unranked) where you create the fundamentals of narrative structure for video games.)

 4. Networking

(A directory for writers, designers, producers, and anyone in the video game industry to network through social media, or share their websites.)

 5. Ideas and Suggestions

(A directory for comments, questions, and concerns.)


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